Photography is not something I create, it's more of capturing the art in observations. It’s about finding the extraordinary things in the most ordinary scenes. I have found that it has very little to do with your ability to see, but more about the way you perceive things. In all of my photo shoots, I have yet to finish a project and not look at the world in a new way. The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind.

I got my start in the world of high-priced photography after realizing that I loved capturing the small moments in life. A friend of mine bought her first DSLR camera, which intrigued me to do the same after seeing its capabilities, and using it the entire day like it was my own. I later bought my first DSLR camera a few days after. It was love at first sight. I enjoyed every moment of it, and could not put it down! My Saturday afternoons would consist of going out to shoot random photos, and coming home with about 400 images! Then came the adventure of learning to digitally enhance all of my images. 

Last words: Never give up on your dream because one day it will turn into more than you’ve ever imaged! I would have never thought I’d have as large of a cliental base as I do now, and I am truly grateful to each one of them; which is why I treat every customer with the utmost respect, and go above and beyond during each photo session. Hire me and you will see this firsthand!